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General questions

Are these classes only for advanced learners?

While the curriculum was developed with advanced learners in mind, we focus on making it interesting for any math student by bringing a fun element in the class with small challenges, puzzles etc.

Are all your classes virtual?

Yes. All classes are virtual and there are no in person classes at this time

Are virtual math classes good ?

We understand the concern with online learning, we prioritize creating an engaging and dynamic virtual classroom environment. Our approach centers on fostering lively discussions and active participation. To achieve this, we leverage the latest technologies to ensure that each student remains focused and fully engaged throughout the class. Additional benefit is clear view of the content presented on the digital board. Moreover, certain complex concepts can be better explained through the integration of technology, surpassing the traditional limitations of writing on a physical board.

What is your class size?
The class size for virtual math classes is limited to 12 students per section. If there are more than 12 students, we will open additional sections to accommodate everyone.
Do you offer one-on-one classes?

If the child is lacking in some concepts we give special attention to bring the student upto speed, but in general we do not have any one-one-classes.

What is the schedue / curriculum/ Tuition for your classes?

You can find this information pertaining to the childs level in our classes page-

About Academic and Competition math programs

What are Academic and Competition Math classes?

Academic Math classes focus on strengthening foundational math skills and concepts taught in school preparing them well for College. Competition Math classes are designed to prepare students for various math competitions and Olympiads.

How are the classes structured?

Our classes are conducted in small groups  to provide personalized attention and we meet once a week. There will be weekly assignments and students are expected to finish them before the next class. We offer a structured curriculum that progresses in difficulty, covering various math topics relevant to the students' level and age. In Competition Math classes, we focus on concepts typically targeted in math competitions and practice contest problems.

How will these classes benefit my child's academic performance?

Both our Academic and Competition math classes promote promote critical thinking, creativity, and the ability to solve complex problems efficiently. These skills are beneficial in various academic subjects and real-life situations, fostering a deeper understanding of mathematics.

How will Competition Math classes help my child beyond regular academics?

Success in competition math can open doors to prestigious educational opportunities, scholarships, and recognition. especially for those pursuing (STEM) careers. Many top schools are now requiring students' AMC (American Mathematics Contest) scores for the admission process.

As an example, MIT typically admits approximately 1,400 freshmen annually. Among them, nearly 1,200 students achieve AMC 10 scores greater than 120, while only 2-4 students are nationally ranked piano players

About homework and exams

How much of homework will the child get per week?

The instructor assigns weekly activities to reinforce what was taught in class and also concepts from previous weeks. The weekly activities will have a mixture of practice problems and problem solving questions. It should take approximately 1 - 2 hrs per week to finish the activities.

What if my child missed his homework?

Its very important the child grows into a responsible adult and finishes the activities on time. We work with the student to develop these qualities. The students are expected to finish their weekly activities on time. Failing to do so will pile up the amount of work for the next week. It would be of immense help to the child's progress if parents can ensure the student is finishing his/her weekly activities.  We encourage and reward students with good work ethic.

Do you conduct exams?

Yes, exams are conducted periodically to assess students' understanding and application of the material. Appropriate help is provided based on the exam outcome.

How can parents evaluate the child's progress?

By logging into the students online classroom, parents can get a snapshot of what was taught every week and the students progress. We regularly update parents with exam results, missed homework's. We conduct parent-teacher conferences to update on the students status and get some feedback as well. Parents can also reach out to us at anytime for any question.

About enrollments

What grade is more appropriate for my child ?
If you are new to our program, the students correct level is assessed based on the students performance in an online one-on-one evaluation. We identify an appropriate class and give you a recommendation.  You can then choose what's best for your child.  You can schedule an online evaluation here.
Can I enroll my child in the middle of the semester?
Yes, we conduct an online evaluation to assess the students level and to identify any missing gaps. An appropriate plan will then be suggested to the parents
Do we have to pay the full fee if we enroll after the classes begin

No. The fee will be prorated for late enrollments

Do you have any discounts if I enroll both my kids?

Yes, There is $50 off each semester fee for each additional sibling.

About Tuition

What is your tuition?

Please refer to the classes webpage for Tuition details.

How does your referral program work?

If you like our work and don't mind spreading the word about us, we would definitely appreciate it. When you refer us to someone, please have them mention your name in the referral section of the registration form so that we can send you a $50 amazon gift card. 

Are there any refunds?

Yes, Full refund if the student/parent feel the classes are not a right fit for them after the first class.