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Here's what students say about our classes

Saipreetham Palla
Grade 5

I loved the EnrichMind math class! From the first day, I could tell it would be different from any other math class I've taken. The teachers are super nice and know their stuff. They made even the hardest math problems easy to understand. 

One of the best things about EnrichMind is how they teach. We did a lot of fun activities and used math in real-life situations, which made it a lot more interesting. Plus, the classes are small, so the teacher could always help me when I needed it. 

I also liked that we didn't just memorize stuff. We learned how to use math to solve real problems, which made me feel more confident in using math in everyday life. The teachers were always there to help and made me feel good about asking questions. 

The class was really fun, and I looked forward to going every week. I learned so much and feel a lot better about math now. I think anyone who wants to get better at math should try EnrichMind. It helped me a lot!

Aditya Rajendra


 "This class will make you feel extremely intelligent in school. You will be ahead of your classmates and everybody will be asking you questions about the topic and they will wonder how you know all of the information. Then, you can proceed to tell them about the skill that Mr. Chaitanya Chandrana has at teaching. You won't only learn all the material and more but, you will also gain a massive advantage over your classmates resulting in your great success. Trust me this feels extremely good!!!!

Vidyut Anand

Grade 5

I started out really scared and didn't know that I would come this far because I started to ace so many tests and I was really surprised. The teacher is also really nice and I like how he keeps it so fun and that's what I really liked at enrichmind.

Sahasra Sirigari
Algebra 1

Enrichmind has been my go-to math class since 4th grade (I’m in 7th now) and it has helped me improve my grades a lot. I went from not able to get grades for an advanced course to getting honors immediately in middle school. I would definitely recommend this class to people struggling with math because the teacher is very good at teaching and helping people.

Aanya Soi

Grade 3

The program helped me get very smart and at the beginning I did not like math so much but now math is my favorite subject. Also, The teacher is great, and he always finds way to make the boring stuff fun and overall, this class is awesome.

Tanvi Sirigari

Grade 6

At the beginning of classes, I didn't want this class because I thought I had good marks on tests, but I was a Straight B Student. But, once I started taking the classes, I learned that it would help me understand these lessons or school lessons more, depending on what unit I learned first in this class and school. It helped me a lot with learning what I was supposed to learn in school and it helped me become a Straight A Student. I truly have to thank Enrichmind for helping me learn faster and easier.

Vansh Mittal

Algebra 1

"This class has been very good for me because of the structure and how we go by a lesson. I understood a topic a lot better because we felt open to ask questions and not be embarrassed"

Sarayu Patibandla


Enrolling in this class has been a transformative experience for me. Initially, I struggled with understanding complex concepts and lacked confidence in my mathematical abilities. However, the guidance and supportive environment provided by this program allowed me to overcome these challenges. Over the course of this year, my skills have improved significantly, and I have developed a genuine interest in math. This program not only enhanced my math skills but also instilled a sense of perseverance and self-belief that will benefit me in all areas of my life.

Maira Shaikh

Grade 6

The Enrichmind program gave me more inspiration to do more and to achieve my goals academically. I began getting better grades and actually understanding homework assignments. After Chaitanya sir introduced the leaderboard, I began taking the classes more seriously I would try my best to finish all the homework and write down all the things that were important to me. Finally the awards day came and I stood up there with my honorable awards mention. I knew it was not the best award but I was glad that I got one. Honestly the one thing I am most proud of is how much I have improved after the years of being with Enrichmind's program. Thank You.

Charan Annangudi

Algebra 1

It was great, The teacher explained it very well and helped me figure out topics that I did not understand, he also provided engaging and challenging test/reviews and fun ways to learn during class.

Annie Bhardwaj

Grade 6

"I had a really good experience because we had fun and I learned a lot of new techniques to help myself in math. The teacher always made us laugh. Whenever I made a mistake, he always tried to help me the best he could."

Zoe Singh (CEO IGGY)

Grade 5

"Our Coach is great at teaching. He also really cares about learning. One time, I didn't fully understand a topic and he gave me a one on one to understand. No other teacher I have had has done that with me"


Competitive math

"I would say that the experience with Chaitanya as a teacher was excellent. He included students and answered questions with the students as a team. He also covers many topics in varying subjects such as probability and number theory. He has been very influential toward my mathematics progression. I would recommend him to others as a great teacher to start learning new mathematics subjects."

Srinidhi Jadcherla 

Grade 5

I really liked the Enrichmind class. Chaitanya uncle is a very funny teacher and teaches everything very easily. He breaks down everything and stops to answer questions periodically. He keeps everything neatly organized. For instance, he puts videos of the class every week so we can look back at it if we have doubts. He also motivates us by telling us who the brightest student of the week was. This makes us want to try harder and push ourselves. Chaitanya uncle is a very amazing math teacher.

Srihitha Koduri

Algebra 1

I think that being in this class the past couple years has helped me a lot. This class has helped me not only in math but it also has taught me the value of hard work, punctuality, and being productive. At the beginning of middle school when I first joined this class I never really completed my homework for the class and I didn't pay very well attention but as time went on the class has helped me to work hard, be motivated, and get things done on time. My teaacher has really helped me realize that and he works hard to be fun and make the class more entertaining while also providing good teaching methods and making sure everyone understands the topics. This class has really helped me in school to be more ahead and know what is coming next and also helps me to understand the math topics on a deeper level and helps me remember the topics when I learn them for a second time. Overall I would recommend this class to anyone hoping to improve their math skills and their overall skills as a student.

Arya Shah

Algebra 1

Overall, the Enrichmind program has helped me so much and in so many ways. It has helped me improve in all the topics that I have learned. For example, one of the topics that it has helped me the most on, is factoring with quadratics. When I first learned that in school, I had a very difficult time with it and I struggled. After a couple Enrichmind classes though where we learned about it, I felt way more successful and I learned so many different ways to factor them that were so much more helpful that what my school teacher had taught me. They stuck with me and I even used the methods on my math final that I had a couple days ago. Enrichmind has truly helped me so much throughout the year and I am very grateful for it.

Taashfa Shaikh

Grade 6

EnrichMIND Academy is an interesting learning experience. It is a fun and cool way to learn, and it helps you grow. Some people might find it to have too much homework, but that just depends on how you view things as. They don't assign that much homework compared to others, and give you a week to finish it.

Shriyansh Subbagari

Grade 4

'It was easy to understand"

Raaga yoga

Grade 3

One thing I like is that I get to learn different stuff every week.

Aashna Gulati

Grade 4

Enrichmind is awesome! Ever since I joined I have gotten really good grades in school tests and map testing!

Maahir Kohli

Grade 3

I loved my experience with you because I learned a lot about decimals.

Poorvi Gadupudi

Grade 3

"The things like about the class is that the teacher is so fun and nice and I got to learn so many thing. My favorites are long division and measurement"

Jessy Chinta

Grade 6

I really like this class because teacher not only teaches well, but he makes learning fun! For example, he makes jokes during teaching, but jokes that relate to the topic we are learning about. He gladly explains the questions again if asked and helps you through it. This class has helped me improve in school and, overall, I really enjoy it!

Nive M

Grade 6

"One thing that I really liked about this was that the teacher was very funny and he set up math problems in very funny scenarios that showed us that math was fun"

Samruddhi Santosh

Grade 6

I just love this class for three main reasons. First of all, my teacher always pushes me to attempt hard problems and teaches me if a make a mistake in the process. Secondly, he makes the class, and math so much fun, adding funny jokes along in the class. Thirdly, he always makes sure I understand something before moving on. Overall, I think it is a fun and great learning experience.

Mehul Mane


"This class was very helpful for me. This class teaches you the basics of geometry needed for your math class, but it goes even deeper with more concepts. Though it goes deeper than necessary, this just gives more experience in handling similar math problems that may pop up in tests that use similar principles. This gives you a head-start compared to your classmates."